The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 3: 13 Easter Eggs & References In ‘Chapter 11: The Heiress’

The third episode of The Mandalorian Season 2 introduced some interesting new twists and turns for the story, and sent Mando and Baby Yoda on the road to a fan-favorite Star Wars character who will hopefully show up soon.

Warning: If you haven’t seen Season 2, Episode 3 of The Mandalorian, titled “Chapter 11: The Heiress,” you should stop reading now. We’re going to get into heavy spoilers.

In this episode, Mando finally found more of his kind, which not only tied the show to other Star Wars properties, but propelled the story forward as we learned exactly what these other Mandalorians were after and how they could help guide Mando on his journey to get The Child home.

The episode was also jam-packed with Easter eggs and references to other corners of the Star Wars galaxy. Take a look below at the ones we found, then sound off in the comments with the moments, scenes, and Easter eggs you noticed. Then, make sure to check out our Easter Egg deep dives for the first two episodes of Season 2, The Marshal and The Passenger.

1. Dank Farrik

Once again, Mando throws out his favorite line. We still don’t know what it means, but another character says it later in the episode.

2. It’s a trap

Trask has its fair share of different alien species, including a bunch of Mon Calamari. For Star Wars fans, the most notable of this particular species was Admiral Ackbar, who appeared in multiple movies. They were also heavily featured in The Clone Wars.

3. AT-AT’s have many uses

It certainly looks like an old Imperial AT-AT has been repurposed into the crane that pulls the Razor Crest out of the water. After the fall of the Empire, something had to be done with everything the evil order left behind.

4. Quarren

Trask is also full of Quarren. These squid-like species are also native to Mon Cala, where they coexisted with the Mon Calamari. They have previously appeared on screen in Return of the Jedi, Episode II, Episode III, and The Clone Wars.

5. Sasha Banks in a cloak

We knew she was cast this season, but this was the first official appearance of WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks on the show. Thankfully, it didn’t take long to learn a lot more about her character.

6. Mamacore

While this episode featured some familiar alien species, this one might be new to the Star Wars franchise. The beast swallowed The Child whole, which is kinda funny given that it’s called a “mama”core and technically had a baby inside of it. That didn’t last long, though.

7. Clan Kryze

This is one of the most exciting developments on The Mandalorian yet. Clan Kryze–or what’s left of them–was introduced, which explained Banks’ character and tied deeply into Star Wars lore. The leader of the crew was Bo-Katan, played by Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff. Sackhoff also voiced the part of Bo-Katan on Clone Wars.

Banks, who is credited by her real name Mercedes Varnado, played Koska Reeves. That character seems to be new to Star Wars lore, though there was a female captain in the Rebel Alliance named Reeves, who was mentioned in a Star Wars roleplaying adventure feature in a 1994 issue of the magazine Valkyrie.

Lastly, Axe Woves, played by Simon Kassianides, seems to be another new addition to the lore. He also speaks the least of the three new Mandalorians.

8. The Watch

Bo-Katan calls Mando a Child of the Watch, and explains that The Watch was a cult of religious zealots that followed the Way of the Mandalore. If we had to guess, she’s referring to the Death Watch, a splinter group of Mandalorians that opposed the Mandalorian government–which was led by Satine of Clan Kryze at the time.

9. Imperial Officer Titus Welliver

This Imperial officer is played by actor Titus Welliver, who you may recognize from shows like Sons of Anarchy and The Good Wife, or as the Man in Black from Lost.

10. Long live the Empire

In the first appearance of Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) this season, the character appears as a hologram and utters the words “Long live the Empire.” At that point, the officer played by Welliver attempts to crash his ship, killing everyone on board, for the good of what’s left of the Empire.

11. Thermal detonators

In a last ditch effort to reach the cockpit of the ship, Mando walks straight into a firefight and tosses a pair of thermal detonators to blow up what’s left of the storm troopers. Unlike the ones at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, these weren’t filled with Sprite.

12. Bo-Katan wants the Darksaber

Bo-Katan is looking for the Darksaber, which is currently in the hands of Moff Gideon as we saw in the Season 1 finale. In Star Wars Rebels, Bo-Katan accepted the Darksaber from Clan Wren, took the mantle of leader, and united several Mandalorian clans.

13. Ahsoka Tano

It’s been reported for months, but now we know it’s happening. In Mando’s final scene (for now) with Bo-Katan, she sends him off in search of the Jedi Ahsoka Tano. She’s given him a location to search her out and he’s on his way. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see Ahsoka in the next episode of the series, but our fingers are crossed.