The Lil Nas X videogame is exactly what you think

Hot closely following his diagram beating hit Montero (Call Me By Your Name), American rapper Lil Nas X has delivered Twerk Hero—a free connection program game for the indecent tune.

Nas delivered his goods shaking beat game yesterday—and all good, it’s particularly what you’d anticipate from a backup to an unashamedly horny tune. I simply wish it wasn’t, y’know, a lil’ naff.

In Twerk Hero, you get Nas’ can and hammer it against the side of the screen, as far as anyone knows on schedule with sluggish bolts rolling in from four bearings. Normally, there are some limit shake material science on the goods, and Nas’ll some of the time turn his head to look at you dead without flinching.

Unfortunately, it’s simply not an extraordinary musicality game. I couldn’t actually work out what set off scoring a hit, rather thrashing the helpless chap’s back uncontrollably. It’s likewise slightly drowsy for a melody so frantically lively and brazenly strange it includes Nas twerking against—and afterward executing—Satan. Watching bolts float sluggishly across the screen against a circling mp3 doesn’t exactly look at.

It’s a down to business joke, sure, and possibly it works at that. Yet, Lil Nas is very on the web and clearly no outsider to games, and I figure we’d see some appropriately wild stuff result from him taking a legitimate wound at games. What about a cooperation with Robert Yang, the designer behind distinctly homoerotic games like The Tearoom and Hard Lads? Presently there’s a concoction I’d pay to see.