The Hitman 3 Dubai speedrun record? 9 seconds

There are two speedrunners who are large and in charge at the present time, and I mean in a real sense the Hitman 3 level On Top of the World, the game’s first level, which Any% speedrunners have finished in a genuinely stunning nine (9) seconds. The mystery? Run forward and fire your weapon.

Speedrunner Wreak completed the level in 9 seconds on January 22nd, trailed by Der_Lauch_Linus on the 23rd. The quick fruition is because of the level’s crazy design. The Dubai level happens on the highest levels of a high rise, and at the times after the beginning of the level the two targets are noticeable on galleries above Agent 47’s beginning stage. So you move fast, point well, and shoot them both right away. You can watch Wreak’s record run here and Der_Lauch_Linus’ record here. Extra focuses to Wreak for wearing a sillier outfit than Linus. These are Any% runs, which implies that they basically need to finish the goals by’s principles.

It’s not satisfactory in the event that you can do it in 8 seconds. There are significant milliseconds where Wreak or Linus are arranging their shots. I’ll wager you somebody is now trying. Then, the Silent Assassin run record is just a measly 7 seconds longer.