The Haunting Of Bly Manor Review – A Perfectly Splendid Horror Binge

When Netflix released The Haunting Of Hill House back in 2018, it was an instant success with horror fans and even earned our top honor as that year’s Show Of The Year. Creator Mike Flanagan didn’t so much adapt Shirley Jackson’s novel of the same name as completely reimagine it, borrowing themes and concepts from the book and remixing them into something new and unfamiliar. It made for a show that wasn’t just scary, but packed a sincere emotional wallop. Add to that the technical marvel–Episode 6 was filmed almost entirely in one shot using tricks you’d find in a stage play–and the dozens and dozens of hidden ghosts that fans began noticing in the background of even the most innocuous moments, and Hill House’s immediate popularity is anything but mysterious.

Now, Flannagan has returned for a Hill House follow-up series on Netflix called The Haunting Of Bly Manor–but there’s a catch. The show is an anthology series, so while some of the Hill House actors make a return in new roles, it is a completely standalone story–a risky move, given Hill House’s lightning-in-a-bottle success.

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