The 2020 Wrestle Buddies Awards, The Buddiesies | Wrestle Buddies Episode 35

Goodbye 2020. See you later. What better way to wrap up that give a bunch of arbitrary awards away to wrestling companies, wrestlers, and random people? Well, that’s what the Wrestle Buddies are doing in this extra-long episode!

Returning to the show is official Wrestle Buddy and TVLine editor Keisha Hatchett, who you’ve heard on the show numerous times in the past–and someone who is almost mentioned weekly by hosts Chris E. Hayner and Mat Elfring. So what is The Buddiesies? It’s like every other award show, honoring the greats from the past year–for the most part–along with awards the speak to fans of the show.

What was Gangrel’s best tweet of the year? Which person in wrestling was the most Shane Helms-like this year? Which storyline contained the most interesting “murder?” Those questions are answered during this show, and in addition, it’s the return of the worst toy we’ve ever seen, WWF Bangerz.

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