Tales From the Borderlands returns to stores next week

The Telltale experience dependent on the Gearbox shooter was delisted in 2019.

Stories From the Borderlands, Telltale Games’ gutsy interpretation of the hit Gearbox shooter arrangement, has been unavailable for general use for quite a while now. It was delisted from GOG, alongside any remaining Telltale games, in mid-2019; before that, it was additionally taken out from deal on Steam—the store posting is still there, however you can’t really get it.

That will before long change, in any case, as Gearbox reported through the authority Borderlands Twitter account that it’s returning one week from now.

Obvious’ games, including Tales From the Borderland, vanished from most online customer facing facades following the studio’s conclusion in late 2018. Skybound Games stepped in to bring back The Walking Dead games, however it wasn’t until Telltale itself returned (in name, in any event) that a portion of its different games, for example, Batman, Monkey Island, and The Wolf Among Us, begun to reemerge. Stories From the Borderlands is another enormous rebound: It depends on the shooter arrangement yet adequately inaccessible from it to remain solitary as its own unmistakable, and excellent, thing.

“It’s a story experience turn off which adjusts Borderlands’ inclination to be dazzled with itself for utilizing swears for certain incredible new characters and a hint of genuineness,” we said in our 89% survey. “It’s not genuine, but rather discovers its levity through character-driven jokes more than shouting savagery. There are a lot of grisly passings, no doubt, yet Telltale has made an independent satire experience that succeeds due to incredible narrating, not ‘diminutive person psychos’ or cracking Claptrap.”

Epic didn’t determine which retail facades Tales of the Borderlands will be getting back to, however since it’s now recorded on Steam I’d say it’s a decent wagered you’ll have the option to discover it there. I’ve gotten some information about Epic and GOG, and I’ll tell you what they say.