Take-Two Interactive takes down GTA Online cheat site, makes it donate proceeds to charity

LunaCheats is the most recent to have a word with Take-Two’s attorneys.

There are just three assurances throughout everyday life: demise, duties, and GTA Online cheats. Some GTA Online con artists utilize their forces for good, producing ridiculous vehicles or by and large causing some happy tumult on the worker. Yet, things like endless cash cheats, power, and general griefing have tormented GTA Online PC workers for quite a long time.

Battling against this stuff may appear to be similar to Canute looking down the waves, however Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent organization, has cinched down in a significant path on a mainstream cheat administration LunaCheats (much appreciated, Dexerto.). The site has been totally brought down, just giving up an explanation that peruses: “After conversations with Take-Two Interactive, we are promptly stopping all upkeep, improvement, and circulation of our cheat menu administrations.

“We will likewise be giving our returns to a foundation assigned by Take-Two. We apologize for all issues our product has caused to the Grand Theft Auto Online people group.”

The assertion echoes that of individual cheat menu administration Elusive, which was required down two years back. The two administrations vowed to give their income to noble cause, however Elusive’s maker was likewise in the end hit with a weighty $150,000 fine, so LunaCheats may not be completely free as a bird presently.

The takedown may not dispose of cheats and mods in GTA Online totally, however maybe there’ll be somewhat less griefing in Los Santos. There is additionally something very entertaining about the humiliated assertions and beneficent gifts that Take-Two powers on these onetime cheatlords. Everyone gangsta until the legal counselors show.