Streets Of Rage 4’s Big New Patch Turns Axel Into A Quicker And Deadlier Fighter

Streets of Rage 4 has a new update out, celebrating the game having been downloaded over 1.5 million times since its launch in April on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. According to developer DotEmu, the new patch is made up of over 80 smaller updates and introduces plenty of new bug fixes and balance changes that were tested by the Streets of Rage 4 community itself.

The patch aims to make online play more fluid and stable while having less latency, the HUD section has new display options for online stats, and there are major gameplay improvements for all stages. Rare random crashes have also been fixed, while Axel and several other characters have received an overhaul.

Axel in particular has received the most attention, as the series stalwart is now able to move quicker and recover faster on certain attacks. Cherry’s buffs make her flying punch invincible before it hits, and Floyd’s special attack now requires less HP.

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