Stardew Valley Update 1.5 Is Nearly Here

Stardew Valley released well over four years ago and developed Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone hasn’t slowed down with continuing to improve the game and add more features. One of its bigger content updates is version 1.5, and Barone said it’s finally nearing release.

Writing on Twitter, Barone said that his new update is in the “home stretch” of development and that most efforts now are on polishing it and squashing remainnig bugs. He added that new features included will make it worthwhile to run through the game from the beginning, but the majority of the content in the update is meant for endgame players.

Earlier this year, Barone teased exciting new content for Stardew Valley, and an image he shared included a new back door in Willy’s shack. One feature we know for sure is coming to both consoles and PC is split-screen cooperative play. Barone said the total number of players supported could vary depending on the system, possibly with four-player support on some platforms and two-player support on others.

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