Star Wars: Squadrons – What To Know Before You Start

Star Wars: Squadrons puts you in the flight suit of starfighter pilots in the galaxy far, far away. While Star Wars has seen its share of flight games, this one is a unique blend of action and sim–as if you mashed up the quick pace of Rogue Squadron with the fine-tuned starfighter control of X-Wing and TIE Fighter. Being one of the top pilots in the galaxy will take practice, so to help get you started, we’ve compiled some important things you should know before you get started. Read our Star Wars: Squadrons buying guide for more details.

Play The Full Campaign: Star Wars: Squadrons lets you jump right into multiplayer after completing the prologue, but that’s not advisable. Instead, you should instead stick with the campaign for at least a little longer, because the story stages continue to teach you important functions of your fighter like toggling lock-ons, choosing target groups, boosting, and drifting. You could always learn those in the heat of battle against other live players, but the campaign tutorials introduce them in a more controlled environment so you can get a hang of the basics.

Don’t Play Immersive (At First): Similarly, Immersive Mode is tough to use when you’re first getting used to your spacecraft. The ship’s onboard control panel is designed to give you all the relevant information, but additional game HUD elements make their functions clearer. It’s a very cool feature once you’ve developed your space-legs, but just give it some time and learn the layout of your ships first.

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