Star Wars: Squadrons Review Roundup

Star Wars: Squadrons releases on October 2, and reviews have already gone live for developer EA Motive’s spin on interstellar dogfighting. The consensus so far has been a positive one, praising the game’s smaller scale, gorgeous visuals, and exhilarating action.

In our early review impressions of the single-player campaign, critic Edmond Tran noted that while the short campaign may leave fans hungry for more, the engaging flight mechanics and incredible locales will make you feel like you’ve just entered your own personal Star Wars experience:

“There is also a progression system that rewards a variety of cosmetic items and is notably free from microtransactions. How enjoyable these modes will be over a long period of time, and how rewarding the game’s progression ladder ends up feeling, is something I’ll be trying to come to terms with over the following days.”

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