Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Series Gets New Details, Will Be Episodic

While contemporary television series typically take a whole season to tell a story, the upcoming CBS ALL Access Star Trek show Strange New Worlds will be taking a different approach, by utilizing episodic storytelling.

During the Star Trek Day panel for the show, the cast and crew of Strange New Worlds discussed what we can expect from the new series. “It’s a ship, and it’s traveling to strange new worlds, and we’re gonna tell big ideas, science fiction adventures, in an episodic mode, so we have room to kind of meet new aliens, see new ships, visit new cultures,” explained executive producer Henry Alonso Myers.

However, while the show will be episodic, there will still be carryover from one episode to the next via character arcs. An example Myers uses is if someone falls in love, but that all falls apart by the end of the episode, that will still weigh on him in future episodes, bringing “modern character sensibility to the classic episodic storytelling.”

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