Spelunky 2 player breaks the world record for gold (by blowing everything up)

$11 million gold in an amazing eight-hour pound.

There are three primary approaches to beat Spelunky 2, the most fascinating platformer of the most recent year-in addition to. Yet, in actuality there’s more similar to twelve distinctive end goals, on the off chance that you incorporate the local area made ‘runs’ that make up such an extensive amount Spelunky 2’s undeniable level play. Beating the game without utilizing any things. Accompanying the delicate Eggplant Child completely through the Cosmic Ocean. Utilizing a teleporter to bamf your way through whole level segments, ideally without transporting your body inside a divider.

The gold run is quite possibly the most clear of these Spelunky 2 missions since gathering cash is a fundamental piece of the game at all levels. To get the most gold conceivable, you don’t just need to crush apparition containers for important precious stones and arrive at extraordinary zones like Madame Tusk’s Palace of Pleasure, you need to obliterate Spelunky 2 itself—its levels—to assemble the gold and jewels stuck inside surfaces. You basically need to strip-mine the whole game.

I got unbelievably fortunate with Jetpacks on this run.

This is the thing that Twiggle did as of late as he recorded an incredible $11,209,900 gold run, obscuring past records he’d set and those of some other player.

How’d he do it? All things considered, generally by efficiently exploding everything. “For most extreme score, you truly need to get the True Crown thing,” Twiggle advised me through DM. For a normal player, the True Crown is a restrictively tumultuous cap—to acquire it, you need to become reviled, at that point uncursed. Also, when you do, it consequently transports you toward the path you’re pointed each 22 seconds. Not ideal.

Except if you’re Twiggle, for whom irregular teleportation is pretty much as normal as strolling. The True Crown is critical in light of the fact that you additionally get 22 bombs each time you transport. It’s the best way to convey huge loads of capability across the Cosmic Ocean, the 99-level long distance race that is Spelunky 2’s hardest (and generally worthwhile) finishing.

You need a huge load of bombs to annihilate the City of Gold, an extraordinary level made totally of cash, basically. “The City of Gold can give you somewhere in the range of $900K to $1.4 mil simply in a solitary level,” Twiggle says. All in all, around 10% of his absolute take.

Some lucky level age made ready for this world record. “I got inconceivably fortunate with Jetpacks on this run. I found a Jetpack in a container pretty right off the bat in the Cosmic Ocean, which I required on the grounds that when I lost the Ankh my jetpack detonated,” says Twiggle. “Later on, *that* jetpack detonated, and I went through a few levels with no versatility. Incredibly, I found a jetpack in the outside which permitted me to proceed with the score run.”

Twiggle adds that his unluckiest second, justifiably, came when he kicked the bucket at 7-80, as a flying sasquatch thumped him into the inestimable jellyfish and finished the run. Considering he didn’t make it right to the furthest limit of-the-end, Twiggle realizes he can hypothetically break this record. “I’m actually searching for a superior score—it tends to be improved by a lot. Indeed, even this run finished on 7-80, missing out on around 20 Cosmic Ocean levels worth of gold and pearls,” he says. “For me by and by, I will invest more effort for score runs with Vlad’s Cape, so in the event that I burst into flames my versatility doesn’t detonate as it accomplishes for the Jetpack.”

Score runs are additionally endurance runs (exploding an entire level can take some time). Endeavoring one methods focusing on a few hours of centered play: Twiggle’s run checked in at 7 hours, 43 minutes, including breaks. “High score runs in Spelunky 2 are staggeringly troublesome,” says Twiggle. “It’s nothing unexpected just a modest bunch of individuals pursue them, and surprisingly less astounding when you consider the entirety of the unfortunate occasions that can occur with the game’s intricate cooperations. That being said, the adventure of getting far on a decent run is energizing, and I anticipate finishing a run with $12.5-$14 mil at last!”

Follow Twiggle’s descending adventures at twitch.tv/twigglesoft.