Spelunky 2 Launches On Steam Later This Month

Developer Derek Yu has confirmed that Spelunky 2 will launch on Steam on Tuesday, September 29. You can wishlist the game on the platform right now to be notified when it releases.

This new date comes after the game suffered a delay on PC, missing its planned September 15 launch. Yu said the extra time was to ensure the game “runs well” on PC, as well as to test online multiplayer. Spelunky 2 still drops on September 15 for PlayStation 4.

Splenuky 2 was originally due out toward the end of 2019 but suffered a delay to focus on “density and detail.” Yu went quiet for a few months, only popping back up in March 2020 to confirm that development was going well before announcing the September release date at the beginning of August. He also shared a blog post at the time detailing how much more expansive Spelunky 2 is over its 2012 predecessor.

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