SpaceX Astronauts Brought Baby Yoda To The International Space Station

SpaceX’s Crew-1, an international crew of NASA astronauts en route to the International Space Station, has revealed that it has The Child (aka Baby Yoda) as a stowaway. The footage was captured by The Verge’s science reporter, Loren Grush. Check out the footage she clipped from the flight’s recordings below.

Baby Yoda reportedly has a job: The toy is the flight’s “zero G indicator,” or a small object that can let crewmembers and/or any passengers know at a glance when the spaceship is in orbit and has reached a microgravity environment. While there is a clear link between astronauts and sci-fi–and especially Star Wars–fandom, it should be stated that this is something of a tradition. Earlier this year, according to The Verge, astronauts on SpaceX’s historic launch brought a stuffed dinosaur along for the same purpose.

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