Soul Review Roundup — Here’s What Critics Think Of The New Pixar Movie

Like all film studios, Pixar is not having the year it expected. The company had two big movies scheduled for 2020–Onward, which was set for a March release, and Soul, which would follow in June. But Onward had barely hit theaters before it was pulled from release and rushed onto digital platforms, and by early April it was already available on Disney+.

As for Soul, the release was initially pushed back to November. But last week, Disney confirmed that it will skip a theatrical release entirely, and will debut on Disney+ on Christmas Day. The movie has now screened as part of the London Film Festival, and the first reviews are here.

The film stars Jamie Foxx as Joe, a high school music teacher who, on the day he secures his dream gig playing at a jazz club, falls fatally down a manhole. On the way to the afterlife, Joe’s soul escapes and ends up in the Great Before, where souls are given their personalities before being sent to Earth. But Joe feels he has unfinished business and, with the help of another Soul named 22 (Tina Fey), sets about trying to get back home. So what did the critics think about Soul?

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