Sony Releases PS5 Ad Featuring Rick And Morty

Sony has partnered with Adult Swim’s buddy scientists Rick and Morty to deliver a quirky 30-second PlayStation 5 advertisement.

The two appear in Morty’s parents’ living room, with Rick counting what looks to be a lot of money and Morty standing to the left of the PlayStation 5. Rick tells Morty to “talk about the thing,” to which Morty, stammering as he does, begins to list off some PS5 talking points.

“This is the PlayStation 5,” Morty says, gesturing to the right, where the console stands vertically on a white Ikea-looking table. “It’s really fast. It’s super fast. Like, way less of those long loading screens, you know?” According to Rick, “they” really wanted the two to mention the PlayStation 5’s speed because the fast loading times are “really important to them.”

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