Sony Might Be Making A Costly Move To Get More PS5 Units On Store Shelves

Despite still not having a price or concrete plans for PS5 preorders (outside of a Sony-run raffle), Sony is anticipating high demand for the PlayStation 5 this holiday season. So much so that it’s planning to speed up shipments to the US via air freights.

According to Daniel Ahmad, analyst at Niko Partners, Sony has already scheduled numerous flights with PS5 stock for the US in order to meet retail demand for the next-gen console over the holidays. Ahmad states that he isn’t sure whether it is 60 flights, or 60 planes worth of flights being readied, but that this method of shipping will incur a bigger cost to Sony over traditional shipping via the sea.

This is identical to what Nintendo did back in 2017 to meet the growing demand of the Nintendo Switch at the time. The company absorbed the additional cost in order to ensure 2 million Switch units were available to retail ahead of its launch in March of that year, which was only disclosed a few months later in an earnings report. Back then, it was estimated that the cost of this shipping was around $45 more per unit.

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