Someone Got Google Stadia Working On An iPhone

While Apple has recently updated its App Store rules to explicitly allow game streaming services, their restrictiveness means we likely won’t see services like Microsoft xCloud or Google Stadia on iOS any time soon. Despite the lack of official options, a Redditor has recently found workaround to use Stadia on iOS devices, and it’s the simplest one yet.

While a Stadia app does exist on the App Store, it doesn’t allow for games to be played on iOS devices–it’s simply a tool that lets players manage Stadia for other devices. The workaround picked up by Redditor u/zmknox, as reported by Engadget, involves its own specialized app, however.

“Over the past few weeks, some tricks were floating around this subreddit for [getting] Stadia working on iOS 14,” the Reddit post reads. “I decided to ship a highly specialized browser app to the App Store which can make doing this super easy.”

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