Shenmue 3 Is Coming To Steam, One Year After Release

Shenmue III came out on PS4 and the Epic Games Store on November 19, 2019, continuing a saga that began almost 20 years earlier on the Sega Dreamcast. Now, a year after that, players who have been waiting for the game to release on Steam will finally be able to play it.

The game, which was exclusive to Epic for a year, will come to Steam on November 19, 2020. Shenmue III’s rollout onto PC was pretty messy, with some Kickstarter backers claiming refunds instead of taking codes for Epic or waiting a year.

This means that players who backed the game’s Kickstarter and then opted to accept a Steam code instead of an Epic code will be able to play the game soon. In a new update, Ys Net reports that codes for the game and in-game rewards will be available just before release. “Applicable backers will be able to claim their codes through the ‘Downloads and Download Codes’ section of your survey,” the update says.

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