Serious Sam 2 gets a seriously big update 15 years after launch

New weapon, new guides, rocket hopping and then some.

Like a headless aircraft shouting out of some concealed shrub, Serious Sam 2 has been trapped by an unstable new update 15 years after its unique delivery.

Showing up as a component of the arrangement’s twentieth Anniversary Celebrations, Serious Sam 2’s free 2.90 update is a genuine big’un. The fix presents another BeamGun (in view of an idea from the first Serious Sam) and flamethrower, close by 12 already unreleased multiplayer fields. Everything weapons would now be able to be double used, while Sam would now be able to run and rocket bounce around levels, guided by another radar framework.

The update was going up by modder-turned-Croteam designer Nathan “DwK” Brown, who pitched the update while there was an extra moment during the advancement of Serious Sam 4.

“I had some personal time after Sam 4 was delivered and was glancing through the Serious Sam 2 Steam discussion posts and I figured the game could utilize a little love,” Brown wrote in a short Q&A. “It’s an incredible game. The game truly transformed me into a game engineer. So I recommended a basic fix. I was advised to invest some genuine energy on it, possibly add a couple of choices from my InSamnity! 2 mod.”

It’s an upgrade that appears to significantly change how Serious Sam 2 in a general sense plays, and should make the game definitely justified even despite a return to. Fortunately, it likewise accompanies a decent arrangement of bug fixes and changes to make the game more engaging in 2021, upscaling UI components and textual styles to be somewhat less crunchy on present day shows.

Extravagant a shot? Genuine Sam 2 is presently 20% off on Steam as a component of the arrangement’s twentieth Anniversary deal, with a totally remastered soundtrack set to hit Steam and streaming stages “soon”.