Sega is Metacritic’s top-ranked publisher of 2020

Those Yakuza and Total War games are very acceptable, hello.

Consistently audit aggregator and contention starter Metacritic distributes a rundown positioning videogame distributers dependent on the survey scores of their deliveries over the past a year. This time, Sega has been announced the champ on account of games like the PC form of Persona 4 Golden (87), Football Manager 2021 (85), Yakuza: Like a Dragon (83), and different Total War DLCs that all arrived at the midpoint of scores of 80. Re-arrivals of old games absolutely helped, similar to the Xbox One port of Yakuza 0, which scored a 90.

Number two on the rundown was Annapurna Interactive, distributer of If Found… (84) and I am Dead (77), who did well out of the support forms of Kentucky Route Zero and Florence. Indeed, they had a marginally higher normal than Sega, 81.9 versus 81.6, yet passed up scoring extra focuses by not having any games score a normal of 90 or higher. Take it up with Metacritic.

Capcom were distributer number three and Sony were four, with Activision Blizzard in fifth. That is a drop from a year ago’s runner up position for Activision Blizzard, with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 (88) a high-scoring exception forestalling a further slide.

It was a greater drop for 505 Games, who were 2019’s highest level distributer because of Control (85) and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (83), however dropped back to thirteenth spot in the most recent positioning.

Here’s the best 10. Note that versatile games were excluded from the judging.