Sega And Nintendo’s Console War Explored In Trailer For New Documentary

During the ’90s, two video gaming companies were engaged in a war. Nintendo and Sega were battling each other for consumers’ cash. Now, a documentary about the battle, giving viewers an inside look is debutting later this month, and the first trailer has arrived.

In Console Wars, viewers will finally have an answer to the age-old question “Does Sega do what Nintendon’t?” The documentary will arrive on CBS All Access–owned by ViacomCBS, GameSpot’s parent company–on September 23, and you can check out the first trailer below.

The film follows the story of Sega and Nintendo in 1990, two of the biggest video game companies in the world trying to one-up each other. “For the first time ever, the men and women who fought on the front lines for Sega and Nintendo discuss this battle that defined a generation,” reads a synopsis.

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