Sea of Thieves Season 2 has a new emote that lets you be a sneaky sailor

Ocean of Thieves is carrying new goods with a subsequent season spend dropping one week from now.

Uncommon prodded the appearance of the new loot pass in a short video. It didn’t show a lot, with the exception of a damn decent looking red boat set and some new makeup. All the more strangely, however, was another act out that allows you to bounce inside a barrel.

As a likely strategy for stowing away from your kindred privateers, I don’t have the foggiest idea how valuable it’ll be. Individuals have transport formats pretty remembered now, and I feel like a rebel barrel will stand out in contrast to everything else. It may toll better somewhere else, however I think there’ll be some hawk peered toward privateers searching out counterfeit barrels for some time. Utilizing them to trick your companions by frightening them shitless, however? The new act out will be beyond value.

I tumbled off Sea of Thieves quite hard, yet a new season may entice me to return. All things considered, I’m certain my buds miss me continually playing the accordion totally irritated my face. Keep thinking about whether I can play my instrument while covering up inside a barrel.

Ocean of Thieves Season 2 will deliver April 15. Uncommon acquainted fight passes with the game back in January, moving away from past month to month content updates.