Scavengers Studio creative director accused of sexual and verbal harassment

Imaginative chief Simon Darveau and CEO Amélie Lamarche are blamed for propagating an antagonistic, poisonous workplace.

Scroungers Studio is a Montréal-based non mainstream studio with around 40 representatives that made a major sprinkle at the Game Awards in December with the declaration of Season. This story driven experience game is about a young lady bicycling across a strange scene, archiving her excursion and the ancient rarities she finds to keep them from being lost in a secretive and looming end of the world. In any case, in spite of Season’s tranquil vibes, a few representatives have approached to denounce Scavengers Studio prime supporters, inventive chief Simon Darveau and CEO Amélie Lamarche, of cultivating an unfriendly and misogynist working climate.

A report by, who addressed nine current and past representatives, subtleties various explicit occurrences of sexual and verbal badgering going back to 2018. These charges likewise portray a by and large threatening workplace—particularly for ladies—where representatives would be freely corrupted, shouted at, and externalized. In one such occurrence, which occurred in 2019, Simon Darveau purportedly become inebriated at an organization party and grabbed a few female workers. One of the representatives grabbed by Darveau surrendered the next Monday, while another left the organization before long. Different allegations incorporate Darveau straightforwardly castigating representatives, offering unseemly comments about their appearance, and in any event, holding feelings of spite and declining to converse with workers who Darveau felt violated him for quite a long time.

They stated, ‘You can converse with us,’ however in the end everyone realizes you can’t actually say anything against the organizers, else you’re screwed.

A significant worry of the sources talked with was the irreconcilable circumstance that exists among Darveau and Lamarche. The two helped to establish the studio and were supposedly in a sentimental relationship for various years. Since Scavengers Studio didn’t have an appropriate HR division or methodology for a long time, the solitary plan of action representatives had was to gripe to Lamarche straightforwardly, whom sources state over and over minimized Darveau’s poisonous conduct. “Darveau…has heaps of allure and he pulls off a ton,” one source said. “Be that as it may, [Lamarche]…is in reality more terrible. Since she covered a great deal of what he did or what he does.”

“They stated, ‘You can converse with us,’ however in the end everyone realizes you can’t actually say anything against the organizers, else you’re screwed,” another worker told

Darveau is likewise blamed for being a complicated pioneer who will not tune in to counsel from different engineers. He was the innovative chief for the studio’s first delivery, The Darwin Project in January of 2020, a snowy fight royale that reported it was going disconnected an only a brief time after dispatch, which two sources guarantee was halfway because of Darveau’s failure to “finish on thoughts.” Darveau should start dealing with a third unannounced game, leaving Season in the possession of a different group run by imaginative chief Kevin Sullivan. However, sources state Darveau is presently working in an unknown job on Season and compelling numerous undesirable changes on the advancement group including making the open world greater and adding missions and target markers. “Presently I don’t have the foggiest idea what’s been declared on the grounds that it’s so unique in relation to what we had arranged,” one individual told “I don’t perceive the game.”

“Each game it’s a similar example,” another source said. “[Darveau] constructs a dream of a game, offers it to the group so the group is energized, at that point he offers it to distributers, however there’s no plan, there’s no solid arrangement, and there will never be actually a game eventually. Individuals chipping away at the game are attempting to put forth a valiant effort, however the entire organization is worked around—we fabricate models, we get cash from distributers, and rehash. There’s not a genuine objective of delivering a quality game, there’s no cycle to do as such.”

Later in the report, Scavengers Studios tended to a significant number of these allegations in an assertion gave to “Foragers Studio acknowledges that there have been circumstances during its fast development and takes the position that any sort of badgering is unwelcomed and unsatisfactory and takes any protests in this regard truly,” the organization said. “You should take note of that Scavengers Studio has found a way to investigate its way of life to perceive what angles should be changed.”

Of those means, Scavengers Studios focuses to Lamarche taking over as CEO from Darveau just as the making of more thorough HR techniques, including employing an outsider HR expert in 2019. In any case, none of the nine workers talked with feel like these measures have satisfactorily tended to the issues with the poisonous culture and badgering sustained by Darveau—or the irreconcilable circumstance that originates from the sentimental relationship that existed among him and Lamarche.

Right now, neither Lamarche or Darveau have freely remarked on the report, yet the claims detail a disturbing studio culture behind what is generally a charming and energizing outside the box game. This story is likewise one piece of a developing number of allegations of sexual maltreatment and badgering in the more extensive games industry. A year ago, for instance, Ubisoft was the focal point of a few outrages wherein senior engineers and chiefs either surrendered or were terminated subsequent to being blamed for sexual maltreatment and provocation.

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