Scarlet Nexus Gets Flashy New Trailer At Gamescom

Scarlet Nexus debuted at an Xbox Series X showcase and as a game that will support Smart Delivery, but it’s also coming to just about everything else–PS5, PC, and current-gen consoles. We got a new look at the anime-inspired action game during Gamescom Opening Night Live.

As seen in the trailer, protagonist Yuito Sumeragi can use his mind to pick up objects in the environment and throw them at enemies. When paired with certain allies, he can combine his powers with theirs to create new combinations.

As it’s an action-RPG, Scarlet Nexus’ combat moves at a faster pace than in Bandai Namco’s Souls-like Code Vein. Reaction time is still a factor when it comes to dodging, but when it comes to attacking, there’s a heavier emphasis on pulling off flashy combos as opposed to managing stamina.

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