Sadly, Nier: Automata and The Evil Within on Game Pass aren’t actually better PC ports

Indeed, they really present some new issues.

At the point when Nier: Automata and The Evil Within were added to Xbox Game Pass PC on March seventeenth, fans out of nowhere got energized. Nier: Automata, specifically, had a tricky PC port, which was for the most part fine however disappointingly didn’t get refreshes from Square Enix to determine its conspicuous issues. Modders fixed it, all things being equal. This Game Pass discharge, made by port studio QLOC, guaranteed some additional highlights like borderless windowed mode and HDR. After four years, Nier: Automata at long last got the port it merited… or so it appeared from the start.

The decision from the bird looked at analyzers at Digital Foundry and modder Kaldaien, who fixed up Nier: Automata back in 2017, is sadly the inverse. The new Game Pass variants of Nier: Automata and The Evil Within actually have a considerable lot of the old issues, and here and there are in reality more regrettable than their unique PC ports.

In the video above, Digital Foundry first ganders at The Evil Within, which oddly ran at around 57-59 edges each second despite the fact that it was evidently bolted to 60. It’s a typical issue with the game motor id Tech 5, and was effectively fixable in the underlying port. Yet, Digital Foundry ran into an altogether more peculiar presentation issue in the Game Pass port, which detailed it was running at 60 fps in spite of really tiring at an out, fun 40-something fps. Reinstalling the game, and in any event, reinstalling Windows, didn’t tackle the issue—and by one way or another its busted execution continued to the Steam rendition of the game, as well, on the off chance that it was introduced. Totally peculiar.

In any event the old variant of The Evil Within runs fine and dandy with a straightforward settings change (accepting you don’t contaminate it with the Game Pass form, at any rate). With Nier: Automata, fans trusted this port would be a critical improvement. Modder Kaldaien did fundamentally improve Nier: Automata with mod FAR, yet another PC port would have filled in as affirmation that Nier ought to have been fixed instead of left as it was.

“The news isn’t incredible,” Kaldaien posted in a string on ResetEra. “The greater part of what should have been fixed in the Steam form actually should be fixed in the Microsoft Store rendition. A portion of it’s gotten more hard to fix. You’d think a knock from 900p hardcoded present handling goal on 1080p would be a negligible improvement, however they figured out how to build goal while at the same time diminishing quality (ugh).”

The new port of Nier: Automata has an inherent borderless mode now, which is a positive. Be that as it may, practically the entirety of the graphical issues in Automata fixed by the FAR mod are as yet present in the Game Pass form. Advanced Foundry flaunts a couple of them. Kaldaien additionally calls out “a far more terrible execution of AO,” or surrounding impediment, in the Game Pass adaptation.

The first Steam forms of Nier and The Evil Within are eventually the better method to play. Those forms can be modded, something that is as yet impractical with Game Pass. It very well might be four years of age now, however I figure Square Enix should in any case fix the Steam rendition, amending the issues that Kaldaien fixed with FAR. It may not sell new duplicates, however it would show they really care about what their PC players need to say.