Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman Continue Their Over-The-Top War, But For A Good Cause this Time

Actor, streaming service enthusiast, and Mint Mobile pitchman Ryan Reynolds is back with frenemy Hugh Jackman, promoting a strange and hilarious for-charity feud they’ve started via Sam’s Club. In a tweet Jackman sent out, the actors trade increasingly biting barbs that strangely twist–because of the holidays?–into a plea for forgiveness. Ultimately, they decide the only way to settle who the bigger man is through The Feud, a sweepstakes contest through the membership-only retail warehouse. Yes, it’s a little bit confusing, but it is also very funny.

At Sam’s Club, purchases of Laughing Man coffee go towards the foundation of the same name selected by Jackman, which helps support “coffee farming communities by investing in programs that clear the way to health, growth, and success for coffee farmers and their families.” Or, as Reynold’s says on the website: “Make every cup of coffee count. So Hugh can finally win something.”

Reynolds, meanwhile, is pushing Aviation American Gin, which will support SickKids Foundation, a charity “fighting for the health and well-being of children.” Jackman’s diss reads, “The gin’s pretty great. I’ll have to try it someday.”

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