Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Want You To Buy A Horse Trailer

Ryan Reynolds is back with another befuddling quick internet video in an apparent charm-offensive clip to remind you he is so much more than an actor. This time flanked–virtually–by It’s Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenney, the pair have cut together a peppy promotional video for livestock trailers.

Yes, you read that correctly. The video is meant as a tongue-in-cheek confusing gambit to catch your attention–they are sincerely promoting Ifor Williams Trailers, because they are the main sponsor for the Wrexham Association Football Club in Wrexham, Wales. Why are they doing that? Because the Deadpool star and It’s Always Sunny creator recently became owners of the Welsh soccer team, and, well, a pitch for viewers to buy a horse trailer for the holidays is more eye-catching than a straight-ahead corporate announcement about their new ownership status.

Reynolds has been mastering the craft of these sorts of bizarre promotional videos throughout the year. Recently, Reynolds re-ignited his smirking for-charity feud with Hugh Jackman in a similar video. Over the summer, Reynolds surfaced comic actor Rick Moranis in an understated silly video to promote Mint Mobile’s unlimited plan. Before these ploys, Reynolds also launched a streaming service for one movie–his 2003 film Foolproof, in an ad that enticed viewers to “binge over 80 minutes of Ryan Reynolds.”

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