Runescape celebrates its 20th anniversary with a ‘Grand Party’ and special rewards

A multi-part commemoration mission and ‘Senior Gods’ story circular segment will run all through 2021.

The dream MMO Runescape dispatched on January 4, 2001, which implies that starting today it is 20 years of age. That is totally old in videogame terms, thus engineer Jagex is denoting the huge birthday with a “Fantastic Party” that will include commemoration themed content that will run consistently.

The pleasant starts at Lumbridge Crater—”the tremendous opening behind Lumbridge Castle,” for those new to the domain—where the Wise Old Man will give out an elite twentieth Anniversary Outfit and Cape to every individual who asks pleasantly. Players will likewise be allowed various buffs and compensates, and acquire a 10% XP reward, while they’re in the hole.

Week-long occasions will be held all through January, starting with the Celebration of Quests, which will challenge players with three scaled down journeys highlighting “notable characters from the Runescape list.” That also will be available by means of the Lumbridge Crater, and will offer uncommon prizes including XP lights and twentieth commemoration cake. Significantly greater, a four-section commemoration mission called Once Upon a Time will run all through 2021 to observe Runescape’s over a wide span of time, “and even give a brief look at its future.”

“The following a year will invite an entire host of celebratory in-game substance, including a multi-part commemoration questline that brings players profound into RuneScape’s past, present, and future,” Jagex said. “Also, explorers can appreciate a year-long epic story curve in which the Elder Gods, the creatures who manufactured Gielinor, rise indeed.”

Old School Runescape is getting in on the activity as well, with its very own commemoration occasion that will have players doing combating evil spirits and monsters close by the Green Gnome Child. 2021 will likewise see the appearance of Old School Runescape on Steam—the fundamental game appeared on Steam in October 2020—and the expansion of faction uphold, Group Ironman, and other commemoration related substance. The full dispatch of Runescape on cell phones will likewise occur not long from now.

Also, in spite of its age, Runescape is obviously finding real success: Jagex said Runescape as of late set an unequaled pinnacle simultaneous player record of more than 173,000.

Runescape’s twentieth commemoration “Excellent Party” is live at this point. Full subtleties on the occasion, which will likewise allow players to toss cash at “memorial collectibles” including pins, a “RuneScape: Original Soundtrack Classics” collection, and a delineated hardcover history book made related to Dark Horse called RuneScape: The First 20 Years, are up at