Rogue Legacy 2 has a slick new Gunslinger class

The Arcane Hallows update makes the continuation somewhat greater than the principal game.

Rebel Legacy 2’s new update allows you to transform the game into a projectile damnation—for your adversaries—with the expansion of a gun fighter class. The Gunslinger is a lovely wild class, one that can toss out quick blasts of projectiles while jumping about and evading. “Simply remember to reload,” says the trailer.

The Arcane Hallows update likewise adds a ton of other stuff, I’m simply amped up for the firearms. The professional killer class from the first Rogue Legacy makes its return, as does the modeler NPC. The modeler permits you to protect the construction of a past run at the game to consummate yourself against a design—or return to retry a pixie room. New doodad shops likewise show up, permitting you to purchase things mid-run.

The focal point of the Arcane Hallows update is another locale of the stronghold, the Stygian Study. It’s not all books, however: There are beasts attempting to kill you and another manager there too. I like the new foes: Killer parchments, artworks, and copy money boxes. I do cherish a decent copy.

Basement Door Games says that this fix carries Rogue Legacy 2 to content equality, or bigger, with the primary game. You can locate the full fix notes on the Rogue Legacy 2 site. You can discover Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam.