Rockstar thanks GTA Online player who fixed poor load times, official update coming

A player as of late professed to have improved GTA Online’s stacking times by up to 70 percent. Ends up, they were correct.

Rockstar Games has affirmed to PC Gamer that a fan-made answer for GTA Online’s wretched stacking times will get official in an approaching update.

Toward the start of March, Github client tostercx, who additionally passes by t0st, guaranteed they’d found an approach to diminish GTA Online’s stacking times by up to 70 percent. Further, they additionally delivered a fix that you can get here—with a proviso that it’s an unsupported “confirmation of idea, not for easygoing use.”

For those inspired by the specialized points of such things, tostercx likewise reviewed a definite examination of what wasn’t right, and how they’d fixed it. It’s genuinely specialized, yet the abbreviated form is that the lull was being brought about by “a solitary string CPU bottleneck while firing up GTA Online,” a difficult they assessed “shouldn’t take over a day for a solitary dev to address.”

It really took a fairly more than that, yet Rockstar has affirmed that tostercx’s discoveries were exact, and that a fix is in transit.

“After an intensive examination, we can affirm that player t0st did, indeed, uncover a part of the game code identified with load times for the PC variant of GTA Online that could be improved,” the organization said in a proclamation. “Because of these examinations, we have rolled out certain improvements that will be carried out in an impending title update.”

Rockstar didn’t say when the fix may open up, nor did it affirm t0st’s assessment of a 70 percent decrease in load times. It affirmed that the organization has been in contact with t0st, notwithstanding, “and might want to express gratitude toward him again for his efforts.” Hopefully it additionally tossed a load or two of GTA$ his way—or far superior, a portion of that sweet (and genuine) Rockstar Bug Bounty money.

Update: Shortly after Rockstar affirmed that a heap time fix is in progress, tostercx said that they were indeed granted $10,000 through its Bug Bounty program. That is typically held for finding security or protection issues in Rockstar’s web based games, however the studio chose to grant the abundance “as a special case” for this situation, tostercx said. Rockstar affirmed to PC Gamer that the installment is being made.