Rocket League Won’t Require Nintendo Switch And PlayStation 4 Online Memberships

Developer Pysonix has confirmed that once its soccar game Rocket League goes free-to-play later this summer it won’t require online memberships on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 systems.

A patch for Rocket League will be arriving “around mid-September,” with the free-to-play update following “shortly after.” While an exact date for when Rocket League will go free-to-play has not been disclosed yet, Psyonix made it clear that Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 players will not need active NSO and PS Plus subscriptions in order to participate in online matches against other competitors. This is just one of the many changes coming to Rocket League once it’s free-to-play.

Some other adjustments include the addition of a new difficulty for bots, the removal of the Solo Standard Playlist following Competitive Season 14’s conclusion, Heatseeker being playable in private matches, tweaks to Rocket ID friends and Quick Chats, and more.

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