Risk Of Rain 2 Update Adds New Map On PC, Full Patch Notes Revealed

Developer Hopoo Games has rolled out a brand-new update for Risk of Rain 2 on PC that adds another location to explore and fixes a variety of bugs. The full patch notes are outlined below.

The headlining feature of the update is the addition of a new stage. Titled Sundered Grove, the map looks like an ominous overgrowth of glowing mushroom-like stalks littering the area. It’s unclear if or when Sundered Grove will arrive in the console versions of Risk of Rain 2.

A look at the new Risk of Rain 2 map, Sundered Grove.
A look at the new Risk of Rain 2 map, Sundered Grove.

The update also addresses some bugs in Risk of Rain 2, including issues with the final boss’ shockwaves firing an additional time. Other fixes include bringing the cursor back for gamepad users while navigating the info and scoreboard menus, updating the music to make it closer to the original soundtrack masters, and ironing out some ragdoll physics.

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