Retro-futuristic survival racer Steel Rats is free this weekend

Welcome to the 1940s. America is under attack from goliath robots and your four-in number biker posse is ready to retaliate. With weapons? Obviously not! Who needs firearms when you have a bicycle that can drive up dividers? Then, essentially supplant your front wheel with a blazing sawblade and you can cut up Earth’s assailants with speed and, all the more critically, style.

Steel Rats is a quick battle sidescroller that joins hustling, battle, and high-pressure platforming puzzles into odd however momentarily engaging activity set pieces. You can switch between four riders who utilize their custom rides to smash and burn down swarms of Junkbots, in a perfect world while doing a couple reverse somersaults.

The game is free on Steam at this moment, and will remain so until Monday April 4. It’s a fun download in case you’re searching for something prompt and available, or something that has heaps of good blasts.

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