Remedy’s First-Ever Game Is Now Free Forever

To celebrate Remedy’s 25th anniversary, the studio is giving away its first-ever game, Death Rally Classic, for free. This isn’t a limited time offer either: You can grab this blast from the past from now until the end of time without paying a penny.

Death Rally Classic is a top-down vehicular combat racer that was originally released back in 1996 for MS-DOS. A limited freeware version came to Windows in 2009, and Remedy even revisited its first game in 2012 with a remake. You can download and keep the classic version now on Steam.

If you’ve never played it before, you begin Death Rally Classic at the bottom of the ranking list and must earn more money in its deadly races to purchase new cars and upgrades. Each vehicle is equipped with weapons and only the best armor, most powerful engine, and biggest guns will see you through to the final battle. You can even visit the underground market to sabotage your opponents and get your hands on devious items like landmines, spiked bumpers, and rocket fuel.

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