Red Dead Online Holiday Festivities Include Discounts, Decorations, And A New Bounty

The holiday season has hit the wild west in Red Dead Online, the multiplayer mode for Red Dead Redemption 2, bringing some seasonal goodies and bonuses alongside a special new bounty event.

To start, the holiday festivities will bring special decor like wreaths, lights, and decorations around the towns, and the streets will be filled with carolers. You can pick up some free gifts in the Benefits page, including a coupons for a free coat and repeater. You can also visit gunsmiths for a new Winter Evans Repeater variant, and a purchasable Krampus Shotgun variant.

You can also pick up some new Turkoman breeds of horses in four color variants, and gather triple RDO$ and XP payouts in holiday-themed competitive modes. The Wilderness Outfitters are offering 30% off everything, along with deep discounts on butcher tables, moonshine shacks and their respective upgrades.

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