Razer Sells Sneki Snek Plush To Help Save Trees

Razer had plenty of new products to announce during its RazerCon 2020 virtual press conference, including a new PC gaming case, new headphones, and a new microphone, but the company also revealed something a bit unexpected: a plush toy. The Sneki Snek plush is based on Razer’s cartoon mascot, and you’ll be helping to save trees if you buy one.

Razer partnered with Conservation International when creating the Sneki Snek plush, and it is donating funds to save 10 trees for every plush sold. Its goal is to save 100,000 trees through the campaign, which would mean selling 10,000 Sneki Snek plushes. They’re available to purchase now for $30, and as of this writing, Razer has already sold enough to save over 6,000.

Trees are being saved in a variety of countries around the world, including Colombia, Peru, Brazil, the Philippines, Fiji, Madagascar, and China. The package the plush comes in is also biodegradable, and you will get a temporary tattoo patch with the SNEKISURPRISE code when you check out.

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