/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS Custom Games – Friday 7th September @ 18:00 UTC!

/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS Custom Games – Friday 7th September @ 18:00 UTC!

Ever wondered what it would be like to play a round of PUBG where the only weapons available are pistols? What about just crossbows and grenades? Or where the blue zone instantly kills you? Or the final circle is just vehicles and grenades?!

If you're interested in playing these and a whole bunch of other fun custom modes, come get involved on the Subreddit Discord!

Invite link

A New Season!

Season 5 has begun! And for this season, we have two changes:

  1. All games will be played with the PGI 2018 Preset. That means, tournament style circles and hard Dacia spawns for all games. For games that require redzone, Sanhok map, or anything else that is removed by the PGI settings, will be a normal game but with PGI bluezone.

  2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place now get points on the leaderboard! By popular demand, we are now going to add points for teams that come 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all custom games.

    1st place = 5 points

    2nd place = 3 points

    3rd place = 1 point.

    That means custom games are now counted by points, not wins!

Let us know your feedback on this as we play through this season. And any other changes or ideas you have! The feedback form can be found in #custom-games-info :smiley:

Get Voting!

The vote for tonight's games are live until 17:45 UTC. Vote for the game modes you want to play, the top four will be played!

The modes up for tonight's vote are:

  • Where now?: Next zone is not known until the Blue zone starts to move. Slightly slower blue zone move speed. 1.5x All items.

  • Catch me if you can: Circle starts central then moves across the map / Shotguns and Pistols only (3x) / Vehicles / No Crates

  • Mad Max Furygrounds: Cars / 3x Throwables / 3x Crossbows / 3x Melee / No Crates / TPP

  • Surprise MotherFogger: 1.2x Blue zone speed / Shotguns only (3x) / 1x Grenades / 3x Painkillers and Energy drinks / 1.5x Ammunition / No crates / Fog

  • Triple 9: P18C, P92, Micro UZI, UMP, VSS Only (3x) / 1.2x Circle Speed / Attachments (3x) / Level 2 & 3 Vest Only (3x) / First Aids (3x) / Erangel / No Crates

  • Deadeye: Rain / No meds / No helmets / Sniper only (3x) / No Crates

  • Melee Madness: Melee only (3x) / 1.5x circle speed / No crates / No vehicles

  • Casper The Friendly Assassin: Pistols only / Fog / 3x meds / 3x body armour / No level 3 armour / No helmets / 3x attachments / No crates / No redzone / No land vehicles (boats on) / Mostly central circle (5 Spread all phases) / Trio's

You can vote for the game modes in our discord channel using the invite link above!


Games start at:

  • 18:00 UTC
  • 19:00 UTC+1 (UK)
  • 11:00 PT
  • 14:00 ET

How To Join!

To see information about the custom games on the Discord server, head over to the #custom-games-info channel and click the ✅. This will let you see the #custom-games channel where more info can be found and the passwords will be posted, as well as the #custom-chat-lfg channel where you can squad up and find players to play the games with!


We host Community Custom Games every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at 18:00 UTC.

Each games are streamed and casted live on Twitch. The game modes are voted on by players and one of the subreddit moderators or community hosts set the games up and host them!

We also facilitate custom game leaderboards with bi-monthly seasons tracking game winners, and run end-of-season tournaments.

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