PSA: Bugsnax Can Be Claimed Through PS Plus Before You Get Your PS5

The PlayStation 5 is beginning its global rollout, with Sony’s new system now available in New Zealand, Australia, and select other timezones. Alongside the system comes numerous launch titles, including one that’s available through PlayStation Plus at no additional cost: Bugsnax. This is the first PS5 Plus game, and players who don’t yet have Sony’s next-gen system yet might be wondering if they can claim it before they get the console.

The good news is that you absolutely can, as long as you have a valid PS Plus subscription. Once the game hits the service in your region, visiting its PlayStation Store page while logged into your account will allow you to claim it. We can confirm that the game is currently live on the store page in Australia, and we’ve claimed it without logging into a PS5.

This has long been possible with PS4 games, too, but if you’re used to claiming games through your console–or simply suspected that you’d need to own the PS5 console first–you might not have been aware of this.

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