PS5 Users Make Custom Panels Because Sony Didn’t

The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition both only come in one color right now: white. It certainly looks striking on a TV stand, but for some, that isn’t what they’re looking for in a console. And without Sony offering any sort of replacement panels–or allowing for any third-party companies to do so–players are taking matters into their own hands.

Not content to wait for Sony’s almost-inevitable replacement panels, early PS5 adopters have begun using a few different techniques to customize their systems’ look. Posted on the PS5 Reddit page and spotted by GamesRadar, they include a console that had its panels covered in black Plasti Dip. It’s an air-drying rubber coating that looks very sleek on the console, though it sports a slightly shiny finish compared to the matte white of the original panels.

Others even chose to modify the glossy middle of the system, instead. One Reddit user gave it a neat jagged finish that seems to blend into the original black finish. With vinyl wraps, others are doing even more creative finishes for their system, though it remains to be seen how well these coatings and wraps will stand up to the heat of the console when it’s playing games for a long period.

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