PS5 PSA: The DualSense Microphone Is On By Default In Multiplayer

The PS5’s DualSense controller’s in-built mic is definitely going to be useful for players who don’t have a headset handy, but it could be a nightmare for anyone who forgets it’s on. The on-by-default microphone has already caused headaches for those previewing the console before its November 12 release, with the microphone broadcasting private conversations or frustrated comments not meant for team members to hear.

The issue was first brought to light by PlayStation LifeStyle’s Chandler Wood, who accidentally broadcast a private conversation with his wife while participating in a multiplayer preview session. Wood also mentioned that a few of the voices he could hear in the session didn’t sound like they intended for them to be heard by others in-game.

While the mic will definitely have interesting applications for single-player games, as well as making it easier for people who want to use voice chat in multiplayer, having it on by default seems like a recipe for disaster. Luckily muting it is easy–there’s a small button near the mic, below the PlayStation button, that will mute the mic and show an orange indicator light.

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