PS5 Platinum Trophies Don’t Work Any Differently

While we’ve already seen the spruced-up videos that are recorded when you unlock a new Trophy on a PlayStation 5 game you might have been waiting to see if there was anything extra-special that happens when you unlock a Platinum Trophy (the one you get for unlocking all of the Trophies in a game). For better or worse, there isn’t–you’ll just have to settle for the standard Trophy unlock experience and the satisfaction of knowing you earned it.

We managed to obtain the Platinum in Astro’s Playroom, the free game that’s bundled with every PS5 and functions as a showcase for the DualSense controller. When we did, there wasn’t anything special that happened–you get the usual pop-up notification, and the system automatically records a short video clip to commemorate the moment as with any Trophy. That video includes the aforementioned overlay we saw previously, but there isn’t any additional flourish for the Platinum.

Trophies largely function as they have in the past, although it’s possible you’ll find it easier to earn some of them thanks to PS5’s built-in help feature. This allows you to access developer-created videos and help materials through the PS5’s user interface, provided the game supports the feature. With a picture-in-picture video on screen, you might find a particularly tough task is a bit more doable.

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