PS5 Official Teardown Video Gives Great View Of Internals

Up until today, we hadn’t gotten a really detailed and up-close look at the PS5 directly from Sony. That changed with the release of an official teardown video, showing off the ports, components, and massive size of the next-generation PlayStation.

The video was conducted by Sony’s Yasuhiro Ootori, who serves as VP of the mechanical design department in the hardware design division. After showing off the ports on the edge of the system, including a USB-C port, Ootori turns his attention to the nifty stand. When the PS5 is vertical, it’s attached to the stand with a single screw, similarly to how it attached on PS4. When turned on its side, however, the screw is removed and stored in a compartment under the stand, and two hooks attach the stand to the side.

The white panels on the side of the system are very easy to remove, only requiring a corner to be popped up before the whole panel slides off. It’s here that you’ll access the PS5’s storage, with a screwdriver revealing a slot for an additional SSD without having to completely open up the console. It’s also where you’ll vacuum dust from the system through special “dust catchers.” That’s true next-generation engineering.

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