PS5 Lets You Set Difficulty, Inverted Camera, And Other Options On A System Level

The PlayStation 5 has a number of features buried in its settings menu that could potentially improve your gaming experience, or at the very least make it a little more convenient to cater the experience to your tastes. One such feature is to dictate certain settings on a system-wide level.

By heading to the Settings section of the PS5 user interface and selecting “Save Date and Game/App Settings” and then “Game Presets,” you are able to tweak certain options so that they are communicated and applied to your games. You can set your preferred difficulty level, whether you want to play in Performance mode or Resolution mode, if you’d like your camera controls inverted, and if subtitles are on or off by default.

This is a relatively simple feature but, as far as quality-of-life improvements go, it’s a smart one. Most modern games present these options upfront and, as the weeks, months, and years go by, it can become slightly irksome to constantly input these preferences. This feature has the potential to streamline getting into games, which is a nice touch.

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