PS5: GameSpot’s Console And Game Reviews

The PS5 releases this week, and it’s available in either a standard package for $499 or a disc-free version for $399. The consoles are identical in power, and we’ve run the system through its paces in order to see what it can do. Along with that, we’ve also been playing and reviewing the system’s games, including exclusives, to determine which are worth picking up on launch day.

We’ve gathered excerpts from these reviews below, including the games as well as the PS5 hardware itself. This should help you decide whether you want to order the system–you can’t buy it off a store shelf until 2021–and you can check out our PS5 order guide for additional help tracking one down. You’ll also find information on the DualSense controller and its charging station.

PS5 review

“At launch the PS5 is an excellent console that paves the way for a promising future where gaming experiences can evolve in interesting ways and the process of experiencing them is streamlined. Its custom SSD, unique DualSense controller, and powerful specs draw a distinct line between last generation and the next.” — Mat Paget

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