PS5 DualSense Has Removable Front Plate, Apparently

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller has been going out to customers ahead of the PS5 launch, and it’s already gotten picked apart quite a bit by the community. One such deep drive into the hardware shows what appears to be a previously unknown customization feature.

As seen in a video from YouTuber John Glasscock, the black piece of the DualSense faceplate can be easily removed. That suggests it could be replaced with a customized faceplate. Though Sony has not announced alternative plates, it seems likely that this could attract third-parties to offer their own designs.

But, it’s not clear whether Sony would allow this kind of sale. A third-party had planned to sell customized PS5 faceplates for the console hardware itself but changed its plans after Sony issued a legal notice. Instead, the company is offering vinyl skins, which cost less than the plates.

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