PS5 Create Function Has An Automatic Spoiler Warning

Sony has shared more details on the user interface for the PS5, including details on the Create button functionality. You can share clips and screenshots like always, but with the new interface, a shared piece of media can be flagged by developers to include an automatic spoiler warning as well.

As explained in the UI walkthrough video, the PS5 is always capturing recent gameplay, letting you easily create 4K screenshots and clips. You can share your captured media with social media, or with your parties, which have been revised to act more like ongoing clubs. That’s where the automated spoiler warning comes in.

If you share a piece of the game that has been flagged by the developers as a potential spoiler and your friend or party member hasn’t reached that point in the game, the media will be marked with a spoiler warning. The process seems pretty simple and straightforward, and like the official game help feature, it’s opt-in for developers.

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