PS5 Already Sold Out In Japan, Sony Warns

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is days away from launch, but if you haven’t preordered, you’re likely out of luck–even in Japan, the system’s home country. Sony has announced that you won’t be able to buy the system from store shelves on day one.

Video Games Chronicle is reporting that the PS5 launch allotment in Japan is already sold out, warning potential customers that “due to the high interest and many orders from users, the launch is sold out by the reserved amount.”

Sony also said that it will not hold in-store events for the PS5 due to COVID-19, so as to “ensure the safety of customers, retailers, and staff.” The company has asked customers to check with the store they have preordered from to see how their console will be received.

This is not surprising, as the PS5 has been very difficult to buy in many territories, with the system selling through release allocations. Sony has called its shot early, saying that the PS5–like the PS2 and PS4 before it–will sell over 100 million units.

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a PS5 preorder in the US, keep an eye on GameSpot’s preorder guide–and watch in the coming weeks as our launch coverage rolls out.