Pokemon Go October 2020 Field Research Tasks

October has officially begun, and it’s shaping up to be another busy month for Pokemon Go. In addition to all the October events happening over the next few weeks, a new batch of Field Research tasks is now live. Many of this month’s tasks fittingly revolve around Ghost- or Dark-type Pokemon, which is very fitting given that Halloween is looming just around the corner.

Along with the new Research tasks, a new Research Breakthrough reward is now available. Each time you achieve a Research Breakthrough this month, you’ll get a chance to catch the Bug/Ghost Pokemon Shedinja. To achieve a Research Breakthrough, you’ll need to collect seven stamps. You’ll get one stamp for the first Field Research task you complete each day.

Typically, you can receive Field Research tasks by spinning the Photo Disc at PokeStops. The tasks you receive will be randomly drawn from a larger pool, which is refreshed at the start of every month. You can see October’s Field Research tasks as well as their potential rewards, as compiled by The Silph Road, below.

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